Readiness of Amadeo Cavite to be a Coffee Destination in the Philippines: An Agricultural Tourism Assessment 

Authors: Avila, Alieza Nicole R., Hernaez, Jan Mikaela B., Mayor, Desiree C.,  Mirano, Erica D., Peralta, Maruo Aira M.  and Joseph Cipriano

Issue: 2022-2023


The purpose of this study is to assess the readiness of Amadeo Cavite to be a coffee destination. Furthermore, it aims to identify potential readiness programs that can be proposed to the local government and community of Amadeo Cavite that will enhance and benefit agricultural tourism in their area. The researchers used purposive sampling technique to obtain the accurate population of respondents for this study.

This study aims to assess the readiness of Amadeo Cavite to become a coffee destination and propose readiness programs to enhance agricultural tourism in the area. The researchers utilized a purposive sampling technique to gather data from individuals in the coffee industry in the community of Amadeo, Cavite. The total population of respondents was 377, and a purposive sample of 50 respondents was chosen based on their sustainability and relevance to the study.

The assessment focuses on identifying the necessary steps and programs that can be recommended to the local government and community to promote Amadeo Cavite as a thriving coffee destination. By gathering insights from individuals involved in the coffee industry, the study provides a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities in establishing Amadeo Cavite as a coffee destination.

The findings from the study will be used to propose readiness programs that can enhance agricultural tourism in Amadeo Cavite. These programs aim to address the identified challenges and leverage the area’s potential as a coffee destination. By recommending specific steps and initiatives, the study aims to contribute to the development of Amadeo Cavite’s coffee industry and attract coffee enthusiasts and tourists to the region.

KEYWORDS: Coffee, Destination, Agricultural tourism, Tourism industry.