Perception and Level of Awareness of LPU-Manila College Students on Environmental Resource Efficiency towards Sustainable Tourism

Authors: Angela Manuelle Dela Vega, Patricia Pantaleon Czarina Jireh Rumbaua, and Ms. Jocelyn Y. Camalig

Issue: 2020-2021


This study examines the perception and awareness of 380 students from Lyceum of the Philippines University-Manila regarding sustainable tourism and environmental resource efficiency. It aims to understand the role of education in achieving sustainability and environmental protection. The findings indicate significant correlations between respondents’ profiles (age, gender, college program, and year level) and their understanding of sustainable tourism concepts. Additionally, students’ awareness of sustainability practices and the environmental impacts of tourism strongly correlates with their perceptions of the benefits to the environment. The study concludes that Generation Z students view these concepts favorably, suggesting that proper education in environmental and sustainable tourism fields enhances knowledge and awareness, positively influencing their development. Recommendations include integrating sustainable tourism and environmental education into university curricula and promoting interdisciplinary approaches to enrich students’ understanding and promote sustainable practices.

Keywords: Sustainable Tourism, Environmental resource efficiency, Perception