Micro Entrepreneurs in Taytay: The Effectivity of Strategies Utilized Amidst Pandemic

Authors: Justine Mae R. Estinopo, Maria Elizabeth B. Frando, Sharwin Dee P. Lanotes, Erica Mae E. Palmero, Princess D. Saliwanand Dr. Enrico Cruzada

Issue: 2020-2021


Considering micro-entrepreneurs struggling in keeping their businesses afloat amidst the pandemic. This study aims to determine the economic impact mitigation strategies utilized by microentrepreneurs in Taytay, Rizal amidst the pandemic. Descriptive method was used in the study. To determine the economic impact mitigation strategies used, online survey forms and dissemination of printed survey questionnaires were distributed to the qualified participants of the study such as tiangge owners and sellers. Results show that the majority of micro entrepreneurs in Taytay, Rizal encountered major problems amidst the pandemic and consider these (3) three strategies as the topmost effective mitigation strategies in keeping their businesses profitable – alternative selling, promotions and retaining customer satisfaction. The conclusion of this study identifies that Taytay garment micro-entrepreneurs had major difficulties in their sales and revenues and meeting supply, demand, and price. While the most utilized and effective strategy they used for impact mitigation is retaining customer satisfaction. And majority of the participants realized that there are factors needed to be considered in starting a micro-business especially during the pandemic. This research amidst crisis and development of ideas to the future researchers, hub operators, tourism-related micro recommended several impact mitigation strategies for garment micro-entrepreneurs’ enterprises, local community, local tourism office, and aspiring business owners. 

Keywords: Taytay Rizal, tiangge, shopping tourism, mitigation strategies, economic effects