Low-Cost Airline Services Attractiveness Amongst Students and Its Role in Boosting Philippine Domestic Tourism

Authors: Laona G. Bongo, Angela Mae C. Luciano, Kristina Louisse L. Lustria, Mae Angela B. Nulud, and Rovena I. Dellova

Issue: 2020-2021


The main focus of this research is to better understand on how low-cost airline services affect demand and growth in boosting Philippine domestic tourism. The study also examines the different travel decisions of tourists. Domestic tourism expansion has been sparked by air travel, but tourism has also served as a complementary purpose for the creation of new flight services. The rise of low-cost airlines has accelerated this process. In order to conduct this study, a review of prior research on tourism and low-cost airlines was conducted. The findings of the study were thoroughly investigated, and the following conclusions were drawn. Based on the study’s findings, the demographic profile suggests that young female adults are more interested in traveling as they are more responsible with their finances. While on how low cost airlines help in boosting domestic tourism, low cost airlines contribute to increased domestic travel demand by generating more potential travelers, increasing the number of travelers, and providing a means of promoting certain local destinations. Respondents favor airlines that have a positive public perception of them, are well-regarded in their field, are free of negative news or issues, are well-known for their high-quality services, and adhere to governmental rules. Most travelers would prefer to choose an airline with a very reasonable fares and nice boarding experiences. This study shows that low-cost airlines can successfully provide quality and affordable service, aiding in the growth of the Philippine domestic tourism industry.

Keywords: Low Cost Carrier, Domestic Tourism, Tourists, Travel Decision, Tourism Industry