Lived Experience of Selected Food Micro-entrepreneurs in Using Facebook as a Marketing Platform in Intramuros, Manila

Authors: Castillo, John Pablo, Ching Khrzya, Laban, Mikaela Leanne, Sarenas, Trazee, and Valerio, Zacharie Weslhie, Calang, Jannin and Racquel Urena

Issue: 2022-2023


This study examines the effectiveness of Facebook as a marketing tool of selected micro-entrepreneurs within the walls of Intramuros, Manila, using qualitative methods. The research aimed to understand how these micro-entrepreneurs utilize Facebook as a marketing tool and the impact of Facebook on their business performance. A purposive sample of 10 micro-entrepreneurs who have been using Facebook as a marketing tool were interviewed. Thematic analysis was used to analyze the data. The findings indicate that Facebook is an effective marketing tool for micro-entrepreneurs. The majority of the participants reported that Facebook has increased their customer traffic and sales. The study also identified specific practices that contributed to the success of Facebook as a marketing tool, including the use of visually appealing content, regular posting, and interaction with customers through comments and messages. Based on the findings, several recommendations are made for small food business owners. It is recommended that they adjust their marketing strategies to align with consumers’ wants and preferences, stay up to date with industry trends, and shift towards online commerce. Boosting features on Facebook should be utilized while continuing to post and engage with customers in a timely manner. Utilizing creative images and presentations, when employing the boosting tool, is highly recommended. Future researchers are encouraged to continue this type of study from other perspectives, as well as further utilizing Facebook as a marketing tool, and how it affects the performance of small food businesses before and after the new normal.

Keywords: Facebook marketing, small food businesses, Micro-entrepreneurs, Qualitative research, Purposive sampling, Social media marketing, Boosting tool, Online commerce, Creative content, Customer engagement