Influence of Practicum Programs in the Success of Hospitality Management Students: The Case of LPU Manila CITHM Students

Authors: Princess Nicole M. Abat, Kathleen Joceric D. Abrio, Larygen Natalie D. Castillo,  Dustin Gabrielle K. Donato, Shaina D. Hosme, and Ruth Anne Joyce C. Reyes Jannin Calang and Jeelet Tiongson

Issue: 2022-2023


This study assessed the influence of practicum programs on hospitality management students’ overall learning and success. More particularly, it determined the students’ formed perceptions in terms of the structure of practicum programs as well as the challenges met and coping mechanisms/strategies employed as they adapted to the working conditions of the industry. In examining the impact of practicum on students’ success, the study categorized it into two factors, namely, Individual and Organizational/Industry factors, which illustrated how such programs have substantially contributed to their invaluable growth in both areas. This research was carried out among the CLOCA, CLOHS, and HRA programs under the College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management at the Lyceum of the Philippines University in Manila. It utilized a descriptive research method through which a survey questionnaire was a primary tool for gathering data. From the results, it was discovered that practicum programs had the greatest influence and contribution to developing the students’ individual factors, especially in increasing their knowledge and technical skills. The students perceived the design of practicum programs to be effective in learning new information and abilities. However, challenges such as lack of self-confidence were encountered, and the students implemented active coping strategies such as improving their practicum experience. Therefore, this study recommends that the University ensure that the student’s knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA) are strongly built before they practice in a real-world setting. It is also further recommended to ensure that practicum programs equally benefit the organizational growth and self-improvement of the students.


Practicum Program; Hospitality Management; CLOCA; CLOHS; HRA; Industry; Technical Skills