Impacts and Satisfaction of Internship Program Experience of Culinary Art Students in Lyceum of the University- Manila

Authors: Jannin Arnaldo, Mark Joshua Arenas, Sire Simon Benito, Flixcyrein Dado, Ricdean Limos, Joann Lu, and Ana Lorraine Marcella

Issue: 2022-2023


Introduction: The research study explores the researcher’s analysis of the impact and satisfaction of internship programs for culinary students at the Lyceum of the Philippines University-Manila. The study used quantitative questionnaires to assess the personal, interpersonal, occupational, and academic aspects of enrolled culinary students in practicums one, two, and three.The findings indicate that internship experiences are the main course for enhancing culinary students’ skills and knowledge of professional competency. Also, there is a positive correlation between the impact and satisfaction of the internship program; the greater the impact, the greater the satisfaction for the students. With our expert and exciting recommendations to shape career goals and provide a realistic preview of the internship program experience. This research guided the institution and stakeholders in developing efficient internship programs that prepare culinary arts students for the industry, provide skills, and helped them to be eager to be competitive professionals.


Impacts of Internship; Satisfaction; Internship Program Experiences; Culinary Arts Students; Culinary;