Impact of Community-Based Ecotourism on Livelihood in Brgy. Laiban Tanay Rizal

Authors: Alleah Kate B. DUMINDIN, David Gilmour P. GUNDRAN, Allyza Marie S. IGNACIO, Angelica Lucille G. LAGMAN, Christine Kylle C. PAMPLONA, and Jannin S. Arnaldo

Issue: 2022-2023


The main objective of this study is to determine how community-based ecotourism impacts livelihood in Brgy. Rizal Laiban Tanay. This is a qualitative research study that used in-depth interviews, and phenomenological research was performed to gather reliable data and develop a deeper understanding of the topic. Through thematic analysis, the impact of community-based ecotourism was identified as well as the perception of the community regarding the effectivity of the CBET as their source of income. The area of improvement was also identified to continuously improve the CBET in the area. The study uncovered the positive and negative impact of CBET on their livelihood. Despite the positive impact of CBET, the study found that that CBET is not enough to cover the basic needs of the community. Thus, promotion, accessibility and development must be fostered.

Keywords: Community-based Ecotourism; Livelihood; Community; Impacts; Perception