Garden Tourism as an Emerging Travel Niche: Motive and Decision Making of Plantitos and Plantitas of Manila

Authors: Alyssa Flor Llait, Kyle Del Rosario and Dr. Enrico Cruzada

Issue: 2020-2021


The surge in the number of Manila residents that participates in urban gardening during the pandemic triggers the interest of the locals in creating travel plans to different gardens or also known as Garden Tourism.  This study’s main objective is to answer what influences the respondents to participate in urban gardening and how does this activity affect their motives and decision making in terms of visiting other garden attractions. To answer this, the researchers presented categories of different influences to be involved in gardening, point of assessment of their gardening, willingness to participate to tourism related activities and challenges in pursuing their travel plans, and assessed their level of agreement to each statement or event presented in the questionnaire using four-point Likert’s Scale and ranking method. The results show that regardless of their background, collection of plants, influences, assessment, and challenges, most of the respondents are willing to be involve in Garden Tourism even outside the region of Manila as long as their main concern, the travel ban and protocols due to the pandemic, has been addressed and lifted. 

Keywords: Backyard gardening; plantitos and plantitas, garden tourism, motives, travel niche