Food Safety Practices in the New Normal Among Selected Casual Dining Restaurants in Metro Manila

Authors: Felipe Eriguel Bauzon, Karl Dexter R. Leaño, Carl Jason Rivera, Wally Asiado Timbre, and Ms. Eva Marie Ignacio

Issue: 2021-2022


The main purpose of this research was to identify the level of implementation regarding the new food safety practices published by the World Health Organization and the challenges that this new policy brings in the casual dining restaurants around the selected casual dining restaurants in Metro Manila. An online survey instrument was developed and utilized in the study and snowball sampling was applied in determining the respondents. A total of 100 participants completed the survey. The respondent’s perception on the relationship of the level of implementation and the challenges encountered by the employees of the restaurant. When ANOVA test was applied.  The results showed that majority of the employees in casual dining restaurants in Metro Manila, specifically in Max’s, King Bee, Aristocrat, Yabu, Yakitori restaurants that there is no significant difference in the level implementation the new food safety guidelines and the challenges faced by the demographic profile of the respondents. Hence, it is recommended that the new food safety guidelines must be upheld and continued to be practiced by the restaurants and employees indefinitely if the pandemic is still at high risk around parts of Metro Manila.

Keywords: Food safety practices, Implementation, Casual Dining Restaurants, Challenges, Metro Manila