Factors that Motivate Local Tourists as a Basis for Promoting Film Tourism

Authors: Jandusay, Marinette S., Mungcal, Ysabelle Louise V., Nicasio, Denisse Andrea V., and Tander, Melvin M. And Dr. Rachelle Basilio

Issue: 2020-2021


The main objective of this research was to determine the motivational factors that stimulate local tourists to visit a featured local destination from a movie or television show in the Philippines. Quantitative method of research was used in this study. A survey instrument guide question was developed in this study and quota sampling was the preferred technique to gather data from respondents. A total of 109 participants answered the survey. Most of them have visited featured destinations from the movie or reality shows that are given and they are definitely encouraged to travel on what they see in the theatres or televisions at home. The perception of the respondents on the Accessibility was in need for improvement. Thus, it is recommended for the tourism industry to establish more visible directions such as signage, noticeable landmarks, etc. Also, the film industry must continuously work together with the tourism, film producers, and TV networks for them to promote the underrated or hidden destinations in the country. 

Keywords: tourists, Film Tourism, accessibility, destinations, movies