Exploring Wellness Tourism as a channel to Millennial’s Tourist Motivation

Authors: Avellana, Angela S., Garcia, John Kenneth C., Ortillana, Kcfher, Suniga, Chielo Mae, Valencia, Denzhel Edrian M. and Mr. Joseph Cipriano

Issue: 2022-2023


The overwhelming desire to live a better life has given rise to consumer health consciousness, which then has spurred a rise in demand for health and wellness products and services. This shift resulted in the evolution of wellness tourism from a traditional aspect of being regarded as improving health through giving rest to the physical body. Tourists have been seeking well-being as well as a quality life. This search for well-being and a quality life led to tourist seeking satisfying activities from the physical to the emotional, and from the spiritual. This study aims to Explore Wellness Tourism and how it is a factor in motivating millennials in the Philippines. As a result, the study aims to achieve the following goals: to learn what motivates them to travel, to investigate what among the three wellness tourism motivators is the most preferred by millennial tourist, and to identify the most preferred activities that contribute physically, psychologically, and spiritually to millennials who travel domestically in the Philippines. A quantitative descriptive analytic design was used in this study with 300 respondents from millennials with age range of 22 – 42 years old. The study founded that psychological motivations and activities are the most prevalent among the millennials when travelling for wellness tourism.

Keywords: wellness tourism, millennials, physically, psychologically, spiritually