Challenges and Opportunities Experienced by Cruise Line Employees in Time of Covid-19 Pandemic

Authors: Arvin Arellano, Romeo Brix Asuncion, Jan Wynona Caruncho, Alexis Gaurino, Kit Randell Pestanio and Dr. Jocelyn Camalig

Issue: 2021-2022


The researchers in this study assessed the challenges and opportunities of cruise line employees in the time of Covid-19 pandemic. The researchers gathered all the data that support in developing this paper to be an eye-opener to each cruise employee and students that gave up in seeking opportunities in the field of Cruise Industry due to the pandemic outbreak. The researchers conducted an interview questionnaire with eighteen (18) participants through email. A phenomenology research design – interview method was utilized in the study. A survey instrument which is an interview questionnaire with a total of nine (9) questions were developed, and purposive sampling was utilized in determining the participants to limit their scope and extent within certain required qualifications that would be appropriate for the study. A total of eighteen (18) Filipino cruise employees were selected as qualified participants of the study. The results unveil that the participants are still willing to pursue working in the field of Cruise Line Industry despite the pandemic that has been struck worldwide by using the challenges and opportunities that they have experienced during the pandemic and their family’s future as a motivation. They have also claimed that the said challenges do not weigh that much the opportunities, half of them had a huge impact on the financial budget to sustain their daily life expenses during the Covid-19 pandemic, and half of them have enough savings to recover during the pandemic. Lastly, most of them are in favor of re-employment if the situation comes back to normal.

Keywords: Cruise Line, Covid-19, Pandemic, Challenges and Opportunities in time of pandemic, Financial Budget, Personal Budget, Motivation, Re-employment