Build! Build! Build! Projects: Satisfaction, Issues, and Solutions of Selected Land-Based Transportation Infrastructure

Authors: Jester James G. Navea, Mikee A. Red, Chyna Faith Chantal A. Basco, Ramsey M. Mendoza, And John Marbhill M. Felix, and Dr. Dahlia D. Tanquezon

Issue: 2020-2021


This descriptive-inferential research analyzed the satisfaction of the three (3) highways in Metro Manila; NAIA Expressway, Phase II, NLEX-SLEX Connector Road, and NLEX Harbor Link. The validated and pretested research instrument was uploaded in Google Form; the link was shared to online platforms in September 2021. Results show that majority were 18-30, male, single, and commuters. Grand mean 4.41 verbally interpreted as very satisfied. Majority of the issues have experienced traffic and for the recommendation is to complete the project on time. The significant relationship, of the NLEX Harbor Link, Segment 10, the age, marital status, and occupation with the p-value of calculated as significant relationship, and lastly the NAIA Expressway, Phase II and NLEX-SLEX Connector Road deliberate as significant relationship on age and occupation with the p-value of the respondents. Build, Build, Build Projects indeed to develop some of the infrastructure to serve the Filipino people and the tourist.

Keywords: Build, Build, Build Projects, Transportation, Commuters