Online Reservation System for Local Barbershop with SMS Notification and QR Code Recognition for Contactless Transactions

Authors: Jerald A. Abando, Rudolph Kenji D. Cajigas, Brent Patrick Dequito, Arlene R. Caballero, and Erlito M. Albina

Issue: 2023


This paper proposes an online reservation system for a local barbershop with SMS notification and QR code recognition for contactless transactions. The system aims to aid barbershop growth, improve employee productivity, enhance customer service, and enable contactless booking processes amidst COVID-19 protocols.

The online platform allows customers to view service schedules across multiple dates, book appointments, and make payments. Core features include appointment calendars, booking forms, stylist and service selections, QR code generation, and SMS confirmations. Key technologies used are PHP, MySQL, HTML, JavaScript and SMS/QR code APIs.

After submitting booking details, customers can download a unique QR code for validation and contact tracing when visiting the barbershop. Automated SMS notifications also remind them of appointment timing. For employees, the system captures real-time analytics on bookings, sales, and customer histories to streamline scheduling and operations.

The paper follows a modified waterfall methodology for development. Requirements gathering and analysis determined issues facing barbershops and established system objectives. Iterative design, testing and implementation produced a functional prototype tailored for the beneficiary – Bro Barbershop. Quantitative evaluation was conducted with 81 respondents assessing parameters like functionality, reliability, usability and efficiency. Results indicated excellent ratings, thereby validating the system’s utility.

In summary, the online barbershop booking platform demonstrates positive capabilities in easing appointment management and contactless customer interactions amidst COVID-related challenges. Further work should enrich existing features, enable custom reporting modules, and pursue mobile app development for deeper consumer engagement.