On-line Procurement and Bidding System

Authors: Mabini, Jaime Marzeus B., Nunezca, Jose Rafael M., and Pineda, Ralph Robert C.

Issue: 2019

The proposed project, On-line Procurement and Bidding System is a web-based bidding system. Through the on-line bidding system, efficiency and consistency during the Bidding process are maintained. Furthermore, reliability and credibility of a bidding system comprises the whole project.
For the current bidding system that we are proposing, gathering the information on how we can build a reliable bidding system is a difficulty in the process. Moreover, inconsistency in the system is a major problem and much broad research has to be done in order to obtain the necessary information needed in the bidding process. In result, it leads to the consumer’s problem on how they can find our system reliable and consistent.

This proposed On-line Procurement and Bidding System was developed to users for easy, reliable and safe transaction in purchasing an item. On-line procurement’s has huge market potential; it will become the main development direction of e-commerce. On-line bidding system combines bidding procurement with price competing. Buyers can get the most favorable price thus decrease purchasing cost greatly through supplier’s online competition by lowering the price. The scope of the project includes the registration of the client and handling of the product from the supplier, it will be posted by the administration on the website. Winning bidders will need to pay the said amount before they can receive the product via shipment from the website owner. The website owner will send the agreed price to the supplier after shipping the product.