Mr. B.I.N (Beneficial, Influential, Necessary): A Waste Collection Services Mobile Application for Small Local Businesses with SMS Notification and Scheduling System

Authors: Ricka Ella J. Geronimo, Jeuss Aedam A. Turla, Katrina D. Villamor, Arlene R. Caballero, and Erlito M. Albina

Issue: 2022


This paper proposes an Android mobile application called “Mr. BIN” to provide waste collection services for small local businesses. The goal is to help these businesses properly manage their waste, promote environmental cleanliness, and provide a convenient scheduling system for pickup appointments.

The methodology utilizes quantitative analysis of survey data and observation of small business waste practices. System architecture diagrams depict admin and user application roles. Various UML diagrams model classes, activities, sequences, and data. An evaluation plan assesses ISO quality metrics like functionality, reliability, and usability. Survey responses were gathered from 60 participants comprising mostly 18+ college students. The app received “Excellent” ratings on functionality, reliability, usability, efficiency, and portability. Maintainability scored “Good.” Participants found the app helpful for waste management.

Key features enable creating user profiles, BMI-matched mannequins, mix-and-match clothing trials, and background clothing image changing. Users can digitally try various fashion items. Admins oversee system operation. In conclusion, Mr. BIN provides small businesses an easy way to schedule waste pickups through a mobile app. It aims to improve waste processes, promote cleanliness, and offer scheduling convenience. Positive response indicates it could aid businesses in adopting sustainable waste practices.

Suggestions were made for adding features like various waste type options, safety seals to prevent spills, and preparing for future technology upgrades. In summary, Mr. BIN offers an app-based waste management solution for small local businesses.