Metropolitan Area Network Infrastructure Plan for Manila Bankers Life Insurance Corporation

Authors: Andrea Karmela B. Baticados, Henry Christian C. Quintinita, and Reivin Lloyd M. Rabaya

Issue: 2020


The Manila Banker’s Life Insurance Corporation was established on May 19, 1967 by its Founding Chairman, former Senator Gil J. Puyat. This company serves many people and because of that many individuals trusted the company and it is their reason to expand and have another branch to service more people. MBLI Corporation has another office located at the UG10 Cityland Building. The two branches communicate only by using TEAMVIEWER application. It is difficult for them to communicate to the main office because the TEAMVIEWER only supports desktop sharing, online meetings and file transferring. Also, they have an employee/s that brings the data and transactions to the main office coming from the UG10 building. Their only back up for their files and data is an external hard disk which contains all records of the daily, weekly, and monthly transactions.

The proponents proposed a network infrastructure and a structured cabling to the Manila Banker’s Life Insurance Corporation to make the communication of the two branches easier, reliable and in real-time. Instead of using TEAMVIEWER, the proponents proposed a metropolitan area network. The MAN will provide them a real time communication and the data transfer of the two offices will be easier compared to their existing system. The project will include also a remote back up plan for their back up and disaster recovery plan that will use two servers for real time backing up files and data transactions.