Lan-Based Management Information System for Filmarine

Authors: Castillon, Iwi Charmaine L., Dimapilis, John Patrick L., and Joson, Joenila Nina B.

Issue: 2020


Management Information System for Filmarine proposal was developed to help the company to have a high quality of system. This proposal was developed based on the observation of the company’s system. The objective of this proposal is to develop a system that will cater the needs of
the company, in order to provide better services to the filmarines’ clients. After the researchers gather all the information available concerning the system problem, the proponents therefore conclude that the proposed system is feasible and can help to solve the problem with their existing system.
This chapter compromises the summary of this project and discuss on where the findings and generalization in the form of conclusion and recommendation for the solution of the problems discovered in the study for the users and for clients. The structure would definitely describe everything that proponents had gone through. The information system is designed to provide a system that records and stores the client’s personal and business information of Filmarine. Through this project, the system plan will help the company to lessen and reduce the redundancy & typographical
errors in their system.