FindMe: Android Community-Based Contact Tracing App via QR Code with Notification Using Geomapping

Authors: Allan Martin P. Bernal, Gian Kyle I. Narral, Kyle C. Pareño, Arlene R. Caballero, and Erlito M. Albina

Issue: 2023


This paper presents FindMe, an Android-based contact tracing and notification app using QR codes and geomapping to aid COVID-19 containment efforts. The goal is to promptly notify users if they fail a health questionnaire after scanning a QR code, allowing reliable monitoring of suspected cases via location tracking. Key features include user and establishment registration, QR code health surveys, email/SMS result notifications, and location visualization of nearby medical facilities.

The system architecture incorporates Firebase databases for user inputs and Android Studio front-end development. Testing methodology followed ISO 9126 standards surveying functionality, reliability, usability, efficiency, maintainability and portability. Results from 60 respondents showed strong ratings on understandability, learnability and timely outputs. But security had comparatively lower scores, indicating potential improvements around safeguarding personal data.

FindMe demonstrated the ability to smoothly integrate QR code surveys and location tracking for digital contact tracing versus traditional manual methods involving papers and pens. Proactive case monitoring and user result notifications aim to limit virus exposure risk. Though respondents found the app easy to use, enhancements to encryption and access controls would improve confidence regarding data privacy and security. Further testing with larger sample sizes can support FindMe’s refinement into a robust contact tracing platform tailored for local community needs.