A Website for Community Outreach and Service Learning (COSeL) in Lyceum of the Philippines University

Authors: Sherwin Clark E. Acuesta, Maria Carolina Da, Jayvee M. Gonzales, and Angelie P. Reyes

Issue: 2021


There are millions of new websites published each year for the sole purpose of entertaining or amusing a very select user group. Anyone can design and publish a general interest website. By using internet, they can endorse or sell their product or service that they can give.

The COSeL was conducted to design a website to help the organization to promote and provide timely and accurate information in LPU in easy and fastest way and a time saving manner. The COSeL stands for Communication Outreach and Service Learning which helps provide an online identity of the said organization in LPU, information about the upcoming events such as history of the institution, vision and mission, and information about the past and incoming events in each college it includes activity plans and projects of the school, with corresponding schedules of upcoming events. It covers all the colleges of LPU, such as College of Arts and Sciences, College of Business Administration, College of Computer Studies, College of Engineering, College of International Relations, College of Law, College of Nursing and other offices such as Claro M. Recto School of Advanced Studies, Center for Professional and Continuing Education, Research Center, Guidance and Testing Center, Sotero H. Laurel Library, Alumni Office and Publications Office. In each college and office, they can update, save, print data, post events, activities, & news, they can also upload pictures but it is limited only in their college and office, and the evaluation for the said events. COSeL is limited only to three adopted communities such as the Jose P. Laurel High School; Barangay 655; and the Lyceum of the Philippines University Community.

The researchers used the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) for their methodology and technology solution. The SDLC is an appropriate solution since it appears to be a well-defined and feasible approach to problem solving and it is made up of several phases. The conclusion of the study was made based on the objectives stated by the proponents. The proponents have been able to design a COSeL website to enhance the Lyceum of the Philippines University and COSeL a greater online identity, help the users to access information such as the upcoming events, history and others that concerned.