Determinants of COVID-19 vaccination decision among Filipino adults



With a number of vaccines against COVID-19 now widely available globally, it is opportune to determine what tips the decision to get vaccinated. In most countries like the Philippines where the government provides these vaccines for free to all its citizens, their COVID-19 vaccine awareness and COVID-19 information sources as well as their socio-demographic profile were considered as primary factors that could possibly affect vaccination decisions. Participants’ income level was considered as a possible financial consideration that can affect vaccination decision as transport to vaccination sites might entail costs to them.


This study used a cross sectional survey design wherein participants came from all regions of the Philippines. An online questionnaire was voluntarily answered by Filipinos aged 18–80 years of age.


A total of 2,268 participated in the survey with 1,462 having complete responses which were included in the analysis. Those who are younger, with higher educational attainment, with public health insurance, with employers requiring vaccination, high awareness about COVID-19 vaccination, and high vaccine confidence are more likely to get vaccinated. On the other hand, those with long-standing illness and those residing outside the national capital region are less likely to get vaccinated.


Vaccination decisions among Filipinos are determined by their age, educational attainment, health insurance, employer requirement, high awareness of the disease, and a high level of vaccine confidence.

Full Publication Article

Tejero, L.M.S., Seva, R., Petelo Ilagan, B. et al. Determinants of COVID-19 vaccination decision among Filipino adults. BMC Public Health 23, 851 (2023).