Web-Based virtual Videoke with Prepaid Transaction System

Authors: Lanete, Adolf Van M., Capolinas, Ian C., Domasig, Ned Lloyd, and Sun, Joseph D.

Issue: 2023


Videoke Machines are staple source of entertainment for most Filipinos. There isn’t a place in a community that doesn’t own at least one Videoke Machine. This is evident that music is one way of many people to escape the pressures of everyday life. With this in mind, the proprietors of this Thesis project are to help the people to access this type of entertainment in a more convenient way. The idea of a Videoke Machine through the Internet and applying the same concept of operation through online is the main objective of the research project. Where users can enjoy the entertainment of a Videoke Machine, but through the computer, and instead of the usual way of payment of coins per song, the users will be using a prepaid card to be used as payment. The proposal of a Web-based Videoke Machine will eliminate the need for purchase of a bulky Videoke Machine and replace it with a computer connected through the internet, and is accessed to the official Virtual Videoke Website. And since it is in online, new songs will be uploaded and its availability will be much faster than the previous method used in a Videoke Machine where the owners have to purchase a new CD and songbook every time a new batch of songs appear, therefore minimizing cost. The Website will be created using ASP.NET, a web application frame work that is used to build dynamic websites. The proponents will be using the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) method to gather necessary data needed for the research.