Visual Data Analyzer: A Tool for Data Flow Diagram (DFD) Teaching and Demonstration

Authors: Acelar, Christian Ace, Ancheta, Ernani, Bacabis, Luzminda, De Jesus, Julian Ernest, and Fiedalan, Bryan

Issue: 2022


Visual Data Analyzer is a system developed to help users in learning how to create data flow diagrams and also it intends to offer a new way of presenting the topic about DFD to students. The project aimed to investigate the conventional manner of creating DFD and the manner or the way it is taught to students. Consequently, the study considered to offer innovative solutions on the shortcomings of the old practice. This system was developed based on the observations and experiences encountered in creating DFD. The developed Visual Data Analyzer is a software that allows users to learn how to create DFD and could act as a demonstration tool for educators teaching the said subject. The software operates by dragging images of DFD symbols to a workspace thus, allowing it to be user generated. The software also integrated the rules in creating data flow diagrams. The researchers used the Spiral Life Cycle Model as the methodology for this research. The researchers met the objectives of the study through the use of various instruments such as surveys, interviews, and user evaluations which makes this study reliable and feasible.