Shirt Designing System for Designers and Entrepreneurs

Authors: Cayanan, Jan Tristan O., Punzalan, Alvin C., Decena, Julius G., and Fulton, Franklin P. II

Issue: 2023


Good looking shirt and good looking design are part of every average person’s necessity. People always want to be praised, whether for their look, knowledge, skills, and even their outfits.
Selecting the best shirt a person could find is very important. But what if the person wants to create his own design and is willing to pay more for that self-designed shirt?
 The researchers brought up an idea of why not let the customers have the opportunity to make their own design. Letting customers create their own designs will give the customers the
feeling that they have more control over the product. In addition, it will give customers satisfaction and will make them feel empowered.  By making a shirt designing system, it will contribute to both customers and designers as the customers are being given an opportunity of creating their own design and at the same time giving the designers ideas of what kind of designs customers desire these modern days. The system will increase productability and accuracy of work dramatically with the help of pre-made designs and output preview. The system will also promote customer-seller interaction which is good for either side. The customer can explain the design in their mind. The seller can calculate the price and then advise the best combinations to match the customer’s budget. The researchers used the Rapid Application Development (RAD) method to accomplish the research.