Open Social Advertising Network (OSAN) for Bloggers Ad-Campaigns

Authors: Cortez, Romnick Joy V., Estrada, Marjorie Y., Gaviola, Ma. Theresa D., and Jung, Daehee

Issue: 2022


The study was conducted by the proponents to ideally create an open source advertising network as an alternative to proprietary advertising service. The objective of this study was to develop a network system that compact interested web owners to free ad-campaigning inside groups with similar interest or assorted likeness. Specifically, the proposed study was created to benefit bloggers and any website owners with different flavors. For this study, the researchers utilized the descriptive method of research to gather data through survey. The spiral model suits the system and was used  for the methodology of the system. Data was gathered in System Realibility Exhibit and the rest from online  distribution. The proponents concluded that the system should improve its interfaces and components with existing open source plugin. The online ad provided in the development of the study was working in Google Blogger, Weebly, and Google Sites as tested by the proponents. Recommendations are formulated through the help of the survey questionnaires where some of respondents made positive and negative comments for further improvement of the system.