Online Monitoring and Tracking System for Dormitory

Authors: Joery S. Campos, John Robert G. Desabille, and Lovely Elaine R. Ladera

Issue: 2023


In schools that have their own dormitory or even just a dormitory, the security of the tenants is their top priority because parents are looking for a well secured dormitory for their child. The best way to enhance the security is an effective monitoring. By automation or computerization and by using the latest technology security and monitoring of the students is much more effective, reliable and faster.
 By automating the logging of the students monitoring the coming in and out inside the school will be faster and much secured. This kind of monitoring system can also be applied in dormitories because it is widely used now in organization and institutions. By means internet and by viewing the website of the dormitory the parents can be informed about the time of coming in and out of their child inside the dormitory. In this way parents can monitor their child too and know that it is safe and secured in the dormitory and are following the curfew time they can also track about their child’s violation. The monitoring system will also record if the student had a visitor and the parents will also be informed about this. This is the proponent’s basic idea is to make online monitoring website that can be used by any dormitory, Guardians and Guest. By using PHP and MySQL this online monitoring website can be made, this will help the dormitory and parents to monitor and keep track of their tenants, as for the tenants logging in and logging out will be much faster.