Merge-Sort Algorithm Applied on an Online Group Password

Authors: Abangon, Suhair A., Cuartero, Gerric S., Fajardo, Mikhail Ray O., Manarang, Jhunee C., and Siño, Francis Joseph G.

Issue: 2021


Online groups in a website are rapidly becoming popular these days, especially social networking sites. Facebook is an example of a social networking site that has succeeded in attracting users because of its diverse features like post tagging, photo tagging, communicating to your friends all over the world, game application, and its group creation. This study attempted to develop an online group that lets user to interact with each other more privately, specifically by using combined passwords. A merge-sort algorithm was applied on users’ individual passwords. By creating this system, security of the users will increase because of this type of log in procedure. Every user will gain an equal access to the created group and this will lessen the user’s burden that the changes made by one another will notice immediately.