Integrated Design and Implementation of Interactive Web Portal for MCA Montessori School

Authors: Robles, Mark Angelo A., Ruanto, Michael B., Simbul, Benjamin III, and Santos, Remil L.

Issue: 2022


As the year 2000 nears its first decade, changes in the society have been very eminent. One of these changes majorly includes the plunge taken into the invitation of technology as part of man’s lifestyle. As man obtains knowledge further, so does technology. As man learned to interpret all data gathered from the latter source, there emerges the need to share this meaningful information for the benefit of others. Thus comes Information Sharing. The Internet has been widely used during the recent times. From individual to corporate information, from personal to official accounts, the net has assisted man well enough. MCA Montessori High School offers intermediate courses to its current students. In line with the booming technology, the school has also prepared a website of their own. The site bears the seal of MCA Montessori, its vision and mission and other general information about the school. The proponents have established a study in improving the current website into another which would represent the school as more aligned to its views and standards. The study shall also elevate the current site into an online community where students can interact, not just view, on the information provided by the site. Language to be used by the proponents in designing the said proposal shall be PHP and MYSQL.