English Essay Checker using the Natural Language Processing Paradigm (EEC-NLPP)

Authors: Suay, Ma. Eulisa S., Adajar, Katrina May C., and Llubit, Jaidie S.

Issue: 2019


Essay Checker using the Natural Language Processing Paradigm is a system module that will evaluate an essay writing done by the students using the natural language processing using machine learning. This will help the professors that instead of manually checking the essays of their students they will rather use the system that will automate the process of checking the essay and evaluate the student’s work. This will significantly get the teacher’s assessment and for self-learning. The system provides suggested grades for the professor. After being analyzed, the system could determine whether the paper is sensible enough to be judged at all, thus reducing the workload of the professor for evaluating a paper. Essay checker is helpful in variety of scenarios such as reducing the time consumed in checking the essays and provide alternative learning methods. An essay checker normally works in combination with a spell check and grammar checks which are important modules in identifying errors of students and maximizing learning interactions through feedback mechanism. The feedback that the system gives is the possible mistakes in the essay. The essay checker can be used by both students and professors. Students and professors are free to use the system to check their own uploaded essays and know what the generated score is given by the system. But still, for the teachers/professors, it will be their choice whether they would accept the grade that was generated, or give another grade. Keywords: Essay Checker, Natural Language Processing, Computer Science, Algorithm, Automated Essay Scoring.