Cloud Based File Archive Implementation with DEFLATE Lossless Data Compression

Authors: Alarcon, Robby, Luis, Raiza, Ong, Stanley, and Seguban, Ira Dinah

Issue: 2020


This study is an analysis of a file archive processing algorithm and how it would run on a cloud-based platform.  As we are all aware, most of the applications are now available over the World Wide Web. Google docs, compilers, converters are examples of these applications on the web. A buzzword, specifically cloud computing is widely scattered over blogs, forums and professional discussions. Bringing an application on the largest network, the internet needs a lot of compatibilities and issues regarding software applications. Compatibility of a file archive processing algorithm with lossless data compression on a cloud environment is the focus of this research. Scripting languages such as PHP and JavaScript were studied and used to be able to implement and apply the algorithm on the cloud.  This research was divided into different basic parts: overview of the current state of technology, which contains the background and introduction to the study, objectives, scopes and limitations, significance and the methodologies used; the review of the related literature, in which cited are the related studies and concepts to the research; the framework containing the conceptual discussion and the system design which includes architecture, system overview, objectives, physical resources and diagrams. Results and discussions of gathered data with conclusions and recommendations of the research were also part of this study.