A Mobile Application Using Android that Prompts a Voice Message to Increase Efficiency and Safe Driving in the Road

Authors: Alegre, James Micah S., Capinpin, Aldrin A., and Carvajal, Paolo J.

Issue: 2019


Accurately measuring driving behavior and vehicle dynamics is critical for monitoring activity levels and designing interventions to prevent road accidents, a leading cause of deaths worldwide. Key dangerous behaviors include distraction, speeding, and driving under the influence (DUI). Modern smartphones contain gyroscope and accelerometer sensors capable of tracking vehicle speed, intensity of maneuvers, and direction of travel. This study aims to develop a mobile application that interacts with the driver using these motion sensors to improve on-road safety. The application will provide audio alerts when excess speed or extreme maneuvers potentially indicative of distracted, impaired, or reckless driving are detected. Additionally, literature on the causes of vehicular accidents and existing mobile technology is reviewed to inform further research and development. Overall, this work seeks to demonstrate the feasibility of smartphone motion sensors to recognize dangerous driving behaviors and deliver real-time feedback to drivers to promote safer habits. Subsequent research can build on the application functionality and sensor analytics methodology to expand and refine this vehicle-mobile device cooperative system for accident prevention.