Senior High School Recognition Day


  1. Attire must be decent and formal. Female: dress / blouse & skirt/ slacks or any fitted pants & decent blouse, paired with closed shoes; Male: slacks and polo / khaki or any decent jeans & polo, paired with closed shoes. Slippers are not allowed.
  2. Be at the venue as early asone o’clock (1:00 p.m.) to avoid crowding at the entrance area.
  3. Venue for the Recognition Ceremony is at the JPL Hall, 3rd floor.
  4. Entrance and exit will be at Gate 1.
  5. Present your vaccination card and school ID as you enter the campus.
  6. Only one (1) companion with his / her vaccination card is allowed at the JPL Hall.
  7. Only one extra companion (with vaccination card) will be allowed but will stay at the designated classroom to watch the live streaming.
  8. Make sure you do not have COVID-19 symptoms; otherwise, you will be sent to the isolation area.
  9. Bring your own pen, alcohol, or sanitizer.
  10. Wear your face mask (white KN95) at all times and observe social distancing.
  11. A child below 8 years old will not be granted entry.


For those who are not fully vaccinated, kindly present your NEGATIVE RT-PCR test result.