Lyceans thrive at international virtual speech contest

Joaquin Victor Tacla and Louise Althea Bukas, College of Arts and Sciences students, secured their respective slots in the Top 30 among the 300+ aspirants of the 6th AUAP Virtual Student English Speech Competition (VSEEC) hosted by Siam University, Thailand. 

 In the first cut of the tournament, both students submitted a 5-minute video to answer the question, “Should society embrace the advances in Artificial Intelligence?”. Successfully making it to the virtual extemporaneous round, they hurdled to the next topic, “Mitigating the effects of climate change: A moral obligation for all countries,” on April 27, 2022, where the Top 15 would also be announced. 

 The entire Lycean community congratulates our representatives and extends our utmost support in their journey towards conquering the 6th VSEEC.  

Viva Pirata!