Learning Differently in LPU: Embracing Flexible Education towards the New Normal

*Exclusive for LPU employees

In response to the pandemic, flexible learning has become a necessity for ensuring continuity and accessibility of education. This abrupt shift in the educational landscape has prompted LPU Manila to offer different learning programs, including the UP Open University program called “Gearing up for the Next Normal: Training of Teachers in Flexible Learning” for selected academic personnel from July 1, 2021, to August 3, 2021.  

We are therefore inviting all academic personnel to attend and learn from our distinguished speakers from different colleges and units who will share their knowledge and skills they acquired through the said program in the first LPU Manila Conference entitled “Learning Differently in LPU: Embracing Flexible Education towards the New Normal” on October 7, 2021, streaming via Zoom.  

This conference aims to introduce the concepts and principles of flexible learning and develop the technical competencies of participants, specifically in the areas of Module Design, Writing and delivery, Assessment in Flexible Learning Mode, Quality Assurance in the Flexible Learning Mode of Instruction, e-Leadership, eClassroom Management, and Emerging Trends in Education.  

At the end of the conference, participants will be able to review their existing course modules and align them to concepts and practices on flexible learning.  

Conference Objectives:  

  • Describe the concepts of Different Models of Delivering Instruction and the Flexible Learning Pathways 
  • Design your course using the Backward Design Process.  
  • Determine the components of a course pack and use Open Educational Resources 
  • Identify appropriate assessment methods aligned with the course objectives 
  • Explore good practices in teaching laboratory and other skills for remote instruction and immersive technologies 
  • Practice using the emerging trends and best practices in education 

Join us and check the details of the conference here https://bit.ly/LPUpou21  *Exclusive for LPU employees on or before September 24, 2021, to reserve your slot.

See you!