Cheng Shiu University and Lyceum of the Philippines University – Manila Inks MoU for Five Years

Cheng Shiu University (CSU) and Lyceum of the Philippines University Manila (LPU) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to strengthen their internationalization programs. The MOU was signed by CSU President, Dr. Jui-Chang Kung and LPU President, Atty. Roberto P. Laurel with Dr. Shuenn-Ren Cheng, Vice President & Dean of International Affairs, and Mr. Jayson M. Barlan, Executive Director for Non-academic Operations, as witnesses on May 1, 2023.

The MOU aims to promote academic and cultural exchange between the two universities, enhance research collaborations, and establish joint corporate social responsibility initiatives. In addition, both universities recognize the importance of internationalization to promote global understanding, cooperation, and mutual learning.

Under the agreement, CSU and LPU will work together to facilitate faculty and student exchange programs, joint research projects, and joint publications. The two universities will also explore opportunities for collaborative research in areas such as tourism and hospitality, business, and social sciences.

In addition, CSU and LPU will establish joint corporate social responsibility initiatives, focusing on areas such as environmental sustainability, indigenous peoples, and community development. The two universities will work together to identify areas of need and develop programs that leverage their expertise and resources to benefit local communities.

This MOU will provide opportunities for our faculty and students to engage in international academic and cultural exchange, collaborate on research projects, and contribute to the development of our local communities. Both universities look forward to a fruitful and productive partnership.

Atty. Roberto P. Laurel, President of Lyceum of the Philippines University Manila, through Mr. Jayson Barlan, Executive Director, said, “LPU is excited to partner with Cheng Shiu University in this endeavor. We believe that this partnership will benefit both our institutions and the communities we serve. We look forward to working together to achieve our common goals”. The MOU between CSU and LPU will be in effect for five years from AY 2023-2024 to AY 2027-2028, with the possibility of extension.