LPU Manila Students Lead the Way in Youth Agripreneurship

CIR Students spearheaded the agripreneurship program

In a groundbreaking initiative to foster youth agripreneurship in the Philippines, students from the College of International Relations (CIR) at Lyceum of the Philippines University Manila have emerged as key contributors to the transformative Binhi ng Pag-asa Program (BPP). the Department of Agriculture – Agricultural Training Institute (DA-ATI) in collaboration with the Office of Senator Grace Poe (OSGP) spearheaded this visionary program. CIR students Aldrine Anzures, Epifanie Anne Gutierrez, and Renee Andrea Cadiz have taken on the role of influential speakers, therefore, sharing their invaluable knowledge and skills with peers across various provinces.

Training fellow youth

Recognizing the untapped potential, the BPP entrusts the students with the responsibility of training fellow youth. They were armed with comprehensive modules, particularly agripreneurship, agricultural policies, leadership, values formation, and the role of social media in farming. Moreover, these student leaders act as catalysts for change, igniting a profound passion for both agriculture and entrepreneurship.

Aldrine and Epifanie traveled across provinces, seamlessly bridging the gap between theoretical concepts and practical applications. Given that, engaging discussions and interactive activities were conducted in provinces like Bataan, Batangas, North Cotabato, and Zamboanga Sibugay. As a result, they kindled the aspirations of their peers, leading them to perceive agriculture as a fulfilling career path.

Meanwhile, in the newest phase of the program set to launch in 2023, Renee eagerly joins the ranks, offering her own expertise to the thriving movement of youth agripreneurship. Together, these formidable young individuals champion innovation and resilience, creating an environment conducive to a vibrant and sustainable agricultural sector.

Beacons of inspiration

The active involvement of students from the College of International Relations at Lyceum of the Philippines University Manila marks a significant paradigm shift in the nationwide promotion of youth agripreneurship. Evidently, these passionate student leaders plant the seeds of a flourishing agricultural sector, shining brightly as beacons of inspiration.

Over the span of three years, the BPP has provided invaluable support to thousands of youth hailing from 23 provinces. Looking ahead to 2023, the program sets its sights on Quezon and Masbate. The goal is to offer not only comprehensive training but also essential agricultural and fisheries starter kits. As a result, this will empower beneficiaries to embark on their entrepreneurial ventures confidently.

As Lyceum of the Philippines University Manila takes the lead in nurturing a new generation of agripreneurs, the future of agriculture in the Philippines shines with boundless possibilities, fueled by the passion and dedication of its youth.




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