Kwentong Bayanihan: Stories from Filipino Peacekeepers

Mark your calendars, Lyceans!

We are excited to announce our event in partnership with the Department of Foreign Affairs and the College of International Relations of LPU Manila entitled “Kwentong Bayanihan: Stories from Filipino Peacekeepers”, happening on May 21, Tuesday, at the JPL Hall of Freedom.

Join us as we dive deep into the world of international relations through the firsthand experiences and untold stories of Filipino peacekeepers committed in maintaining peace and stability in various countries.

Listen to the first account stories of our peacekeepers that strengthened their principles and passion to serve for the greater good. Experience the lives of Filipino peacekeepers by immersing yourself in the open exhibit presenting the history, mission and efforts of UN Peacekeeping in fostering peace and order in different parts of the world.

Registration is FREE with prior reservation of limited slot! To register, kindly fill-out this online form until May 18, 2024.

Stay tuned!

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