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Computer Systems Guidelines for Acceptable Use Policy for Students

  • University computer systems and networks are provided to students as part of their academic programs. Students are encouraged to become proficient in the use of computers as a means of enhancing their educational experience. Misuse of computer resources can result in restrictions on or revocation of computer access privileges. 
  • Computer systems and networks constitute an expensive and valuable resource. The capacity of this resource to fulfill all the legitimate academic and administrative needs of students, faculty and staff is limited. 
  • Student users have a responsibility to use computer resources in an efficient, ethical, and lawful manner. 
  • The University has a responsibility and duty to protect its valuable computer resources and to restrict student access to uses that are strictly related to the students’ academic programs as well as reasonable time limits. LPU reserves the right to define what unauthorized student uses are. 
  • The Director of ICT or his duly authorized representative may monitor student user accounts, files, and /or log-in sessions for appropriate management purposes. Such purposes include, but are limited to performing archival and recovery procedures, evaluating system performance and ensuring system integrity and security. 
  • Upon identifying a violation of this policy, which constitutes an immediate clear danger to LPU’s computer systems or networks, the ICT Director, or his duly authorized representative may immediately limit or suspend a student’s access to the school’s computer resources with immediate notification of charges and actions to the Dean of Student Affairs or his duly authorized representative. This emergency suspension of computer use will then follow the student judicial procedures as provided in the Student Rights and Responsibilities in the Students Handbook. 
  • Violations of LP’s computer policy guidelines, which do not constitute an immediate clear danger to the college’s computer systems or networks, will be referred to the regular student disciplinary process.



  • The ICT Department, as per approval by the President, reserves the right to immediately disable any account in possession of programs, procedures or other information that presents a security threat to the system, network and/or other users. Examples include, but are not; limited to any program or procedure that is designed to: obtain other users’ passwords; obtain access to restricted programs, systems or data; modify restricted programs, systems or data; obtain system privileges beyond those initially granted to the user account by authorized staff; deceive system management personnel or inhibit system management efforts. 
  • Use of the system to harass other users, transmit obscene or offensive language, or otherwise threaten system users or resources shall be a cause for immediate disabling of the account. Possession of unauthorized information, such as confidential student, personnel or financial data will also be subjected to immediate disabling of the account. 
  • When an account is disabled by the ICT, the account will remain disabled until the situation is investigated and appropriately resolved. If the investigation results in charges being filed against the account owner, the account will remain disabled until a final disposition is determined through Student Affairs Office administrative procedures. 
  • Students are expected to comply with their respective college policies and regulations.