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LPU’s Program Quality Assurance Journey Continues with “8 in 1” PACUCOA Visit


            After three years, two postponements and several coordinating meetings, eight programs were visited by PACUCOA last May 8 and 9.  The accreditation was for the following programs in Level 4 – Business Administration, Hospitality Management and Liberal Arts, and Level 3 1st RA – Computer Science, Information Technology, Masters in Business Administration and Public Administration.


            PACUCOA team was led by PACUCOA Commissioner, Dr. Rosita Navarro and subject matter experts Dr. Bernandino Malang, Dr. Gloria Baken Siy, Dr. Emilia Mananghaya, Dr. Paz Lucido, Dr. Teresita Calma, Dr. Nilda Balsicas, Engr. Ferdinand Gabriel and Dr. Christopher Manaois.  It was a unique accreditation visit as it was the first time that the electronic self-survey instruments (SSI) and accreditation reports by the accreditors.  The technical experts were on hand to assist the team in using the new system.  The LPU team gave their feedback also on the e SSI system after they utilized it.  For this pilot run, both printed and soft copies were utilized.


            The accreditors were welcomed by the LPU ushers and led to the accreditation room that was filled with various evidences that included documents, trophies/plaques, and pictures.  Maximum use of the boardroom was undertaken, with shelves assigned for each program as well as the common areas.


            It was a very busy visit that included an opening meeting where the institutional profile as well as institutional strengths were presented.  This was attended by senior leaders of the various colleges and support units.  Interviews with relevant stakeholders were conducted either individually for the deans, chairpersons, and other key officials or in groups for the students, faculty, and non-teaching personnel. The accreditors also reviewed the various evidences presented in the boardroom.


           Program accreditation is a voluntary exercise undertaken by LPU to ensure that quality education is consistently offered to our stakeholders, students and industry partners, going beyond the minimum requirements set by CHED.  For undergraduate programs, 100% are accredited in various levels of 3 and 4, with 2 graduate programs.  LPU has achieved an accreditation performance better than the national program accreditation of 25%.  Indeed, LPU values opportunities like this as through the feedback of external parties, we continue to improve and surpass the existing best practices and take innovative action plans to address opportunities for improvement cited by the accrediting team.

Department of Linkages and Standards