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Hack-a-Sight, Hack-a-Site: A hackathon with the blind, for the blind

The hackathon challenges participants made websites accessible. The pre-selected sites are owned by government and private sector groups that provide important public services. Participating students teamed-up with ATRIEV’s visually-impaired students who were trained on web-accessibility, and together, hack one website to make its features accessible and easy to use by all users. The top three teams that designed the most accessible, functional and usable website were awarded prizes.

LPU Manila won 2nd place in the "Hack-a-Sight, Hack-a-Site: A hackathon with the blind, for the blind".

The event was held last September 8-9, 2017 at the Ateneo De Manila University.

The team composed of students from the College of Technology who are currently LPU Microsoft Student Community officers:

Kristopher Elijah Catli, 3rd yr BSCS
Jeremiah Sam Alfonso, 3rd yr BSCS
Sholomon Pinoliad, 3rd yr BSIT
Aldwin Garry Babierra, 3rd yr BSCS
Alexander Gerard Magtangob, 3rd yr BSIT

Aljune Atok, ATRIEV partner Visually-Impaired Person (VIP)

Together with their mentor,
Melvin Grencio, MSC Co-adviser

Picture of Team BabyShark with Dr. Conrado E. Iñigo, Jr. and Dir. Devy M. Galang

 (L-R) Mr. Melvin Grencio – MSC Co-Adviser, Alexander Gerard Magtangob, Sholomon Pinoliad, Aldwin Garry Babierra, Dr. Conrado E. Iñigo, Jr. – VPAA, Kristopher Elijah Catli, Jeremiah Sam Alfonso and Ms. Devy M. Galang – MSC Adviser