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Guidance Programs / Services



Counseling is the heart of the Guidance and Testing Center. It is the service that is at the very core of all guidance programs. It is provided to increase self-understanding, as well as develop in the individual a sense of responsibility for choices that are made through a systematic decision making process. The counseling session is carried out with the assistance of a qualified guidance counselor and can be done individually or in groups.


Student Development

Series of seminars, workshops, and/or lectures are given to students in each year level. These include programs that may help students develop life skills and have access to information on strategies that may enable them to function effectively.



Follow-up is conducted in order monitor status of the student's academic and personal life. This is done through periodic checks on attendance, performance, and behavior of students either through records or reports of faculty. Students who went through counseling are also followed-up to check their adjustment.



The use of psychological tests enables the school personnel such as the administrators, faculty, and others to become aware of the characteristics of the students so that appropriate programs and services can be designed to address their needs. Tests are also administered as part of the screening process for admission and for specific purposes such as scholarships or employment. Tests are also given as part of the Student Development Program. Individual test results are likewise interpreted or discussed with the student to increase self-awareness and identify areas that could be further improved.


Research and Evaluation

Research and evaluation are essential services that are present in an educational environment. Evaluation of programs and services are made to determine their effectiveness and can provide baseline data for future programs. Information gathered from such activity is provided to administration and faculty so that curricula and other school services can be improved. Available data such as profiles are likewise utilized to identify future courses of action.


This service is provided to increase awareness of significant aspects of life such as those related to health, environment, life skills, career, social relationships, and academic development. This is carried out through a variety of media like brochures, postings, fora, and discussions.


Inventory / Student Database

Relevant personal and academic information are gathered through the student profile form/student database. Updates on performance and services availed are indicated in the form/database to guide counselors in monitoring student progress.