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Financial Appeal for LPU-agency hired employees


Dear All,

Desperate times require desperate measures. When an employee looks at her nest egg and it dawns on her that the policy “no work, no pay” is as real as the empty coffers of her child’s formula milk, she turns to the heavens for succor. 
Our sense of family beckons us again to extend our hands, this time, to our agency-hired employees grappling with the no work, no pay scheme. LPU management has provided financial assistance to them as mandated by law and for humanitarian purposes. However, they can only do so much; thus this appeal. It is not as though we ourselves are not living the same, but we believe that under the circumstances, we are more endowed. JPL once said “live so others will live” is never more felt as now.
This Phase 1 campaign can be extended to the next phase- for the communities outside LPU, once we are able to generate sufficient funds for our agency-hired employees.
For expediency, please channel your contribution to LPU- COSeL through my BPI account as follows:

Marilyn Ngales

BPI Intramuros

SA Account number 4949698306 or using the QR code below.





Rest assured that all your donations will be accounted for as we always do. Thank you and may God bless us all!


Thank you.


Marilyn Ngales

Director, COSeL