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Onsite Workforce Schedule starting October 16, 2020

Please be advised that campus access will be permitted from Monday to Thursday only. Kindly set an appointment, via online or phone call, to the respective offices prior to campus visit. You may access the contact details on

For EMERGENCY campus visit request (students), please secure endorsement from the Students Affairs Office via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. three (3) business days (excluding Saturday and Sunday) prior to the scheduled visit with the following details: complete name, course/college, age, area or place of residence, purpose of visit to LPU, and name of authorized representative (if applicable). Please bring your school ID and/or authorization letter, if transaction/business will be done by a representative. 

As per IATF DTI-DOLE Interim and Supplemental Guidelines, LPU is strictly implementing health and safety protocols to all its stakeholders, employees, students and visitors. Please refer to the guidelines below. 

1.  No Mask No Face Shield No Entry. All students/visitors are required to wear face masks and face shield in LPU premises at all times. 

  • Before entering the university gates, all students/visitors must wear their face masks and face shield. 
  • Any person who refuses to follow shall not be allowed to enter and may be subject to disciplinary actions. 
  • WEAR MASK AND FACE SHIELD PROPERLY. Avoid touching the outside/exposed part of the mask/face shield. When adjusting the mask, touch only the side or the string part then disinfect hands with 70% alcohol or wash hands for 20 seconds with liquid soap and water. 
  • Students/visitors are discouraged to engage in conversation with mask/face shield off.


2.   Only students/visitors who are between 21 to 59 years old will be allowed entry to LPU. Walk-in visit to LPU with any transaction, will be done at the gate with the help of SCY personnel or concerned department.

Students/visitors will only be allowed entry to LPU provided they are employed (present company ID) or a Quarantine Pass (QP) holder. For those who do not have company ID or not a QP holder, a One Day Pass must be presented. Walk-in visit to LPU with any transaction, will be done at the gate with the help of SCY personnel or concerned department


3.   All students/visitors shall have their temperature checked by the guard-on-duty and recorded in the DAILY HEALTH SYMPTOMS QUESTIONNAIRE prior to entry/re-entry into the campus. 

  • Students/visitors with temperature of 37.5C and above, once confirmed febrile, the student/visitor must proceed to the isolation area to be assisted by a security personnel and HSD staff. 
  • Students/visitors with temperature of 37.4C and below shall be allowed entrance to the university premises after accomplishing and submitting the DAILY HEALTH SYMPTOMS QUESTIONNAIRE to the guard or safety health officer.


4.  All students/visitors must disinfect their hands and face shield with 70% alcohol and must step on footbath mats for 30 seconds located at the gates prior to entry/re-entry into the campus.


5.   Students/visitors are required to wear pants, shirt/blouse and rubber/closed shoes.


6.   No students/representatives will be allowed entry wearing slippers/sandals, dress, sleeveless, crop top shirt.


7.   All students must follow the unidirectional floor markings and all posted signage on safety and health protocols.


8.   All students/visitors shall always practice physical distancing at a minimum of 1 to 2-meter radius space (side, back, front) between workers. 

9.  Prolonged face-to-face interaction is discouraged. 

10.Bringing of food/beverage inside the campus premises is not allowed. 

11.For your safety, please bring/use your own pen in accomplishing Daily Health Survey Questionnaire and other transactions. 

12.Though LPU distributed 70% alcohol at strategic locations in the campus, students are encouraged to bring their own 70% alcohol or alcohol-based sanitizer. 

13.All students/visitors are advised not to go to LPU when sick or if with flu-like symptoms, COVID suspect/probable case, as well as living in lockdown/special lockdown areas. 

14.Students/visitors who will be coming outside NCR shall present Barangay Health Clearance (with dry seal) and/or Covid-19 Test result to be presented at the gate. Approval of entry will be evaluated by HSD. 

15.Only the student or one representative will be allowed to enter LPU. Companion/s will not be allowed entry. 

16. Student Affairs Office must provide HSD and SCY Department, list of students/representatives who were given approval to visit the campus as well as the date of visit to LPU. 


Let us all help and cooperate in achieving LPU’s goal in being a Covid-19 free institution. 

Stay safe, Pirates! 

Communication and Public Affairs Department