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LPU Partners with Rajah Travel Corporation for Data-Driven

Tourism Knowledge Center (TKC)

Rajah Travel Corp has launched its first phase of the Tourism Knowledge Center (TKC), dubbed as a ‘game changer’ for the tourism sector. LPU was among the first to join the TKC project together with the local government of Bohol, Manila, and Palawan.

According to Ms. Aileen Clemente, President of Rajah Travel Corporation  “Tourism Knowledge Center (TKC) is a digital one-stop shop for information and documents pertaining to travel and tourism in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. It serves as a repository of the wealth of knowledge on industry practices that can be used as a vital and significant source for business planning, product development, intelligence and marketing at the enterprise and local government level.”

LPU’s partnership with Rajah Travel Corporation aims for stronger collaboration and bridging the gap between universities and what the industry needs.

As the partnership progressed, TKC will be able to provide data support needed by the tourism stakeholders while universities like LPU can assist in local data collection and management, thereby promoting excellence and sustainable tourism.

Beneficiaries envisioned with the TKC project involves policy makers/ legislators, national and local governments, tourist administrators and site managers, investors/ business owners, schools and academic institutions, professors/teachers, and students as they make the resources useful in their various undertakings and purposes, most especially on policy and legislation, destination management, benchmarking, and driving investments and productivity.