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LPU Students Join Contiki Tour to Thailand

On May 10, 2019, a group of students from LPU-Manila, along with selected faculty members from various schools including PATTS College of Aeronautics, Miriam College, Our Lady of Fatima University, LPU Batangas and LPU Cavite, set out on their Contiki journey.

The most memorable experience of the group was taking the tropical jungle river trail towards the unique “floatel” located right at the border of Thailand and Myanmar. The students were able to experience the distinctive Burmese culture throughout their stay, beginning with the rural natural setting where they dove straight out of their rooms to enjoy the river current before dusk.

They did not miss the Grand Palace just the way the locals do when they boarded the long tail boat through the Klongs (Canals) and eagerly fed humongous fish before they went to Kanchanaburi.

Part of the excitement was to test the energy levels when the group went hiking the trails to see the breathtaking Erawan Falls, with a quick dip in its emerald ponds.

The students had an opportunity to ride the overnight sleeper train to the mountainous city of Chiang Mai where they had a close encounter with the elephants at the sanctuary as they were touched by the stories of the continuous efforts of the wildlife rescue center.

The group decided to wear their aprons and cook four Thai dishes, including Tom Yum soup, Pad Thai, Penang curry, and mango sticky rice.

While the trip was short and sweet, the group returned with unforgettable memories and new friendships, hoping that young people will have a better mindset about the art of touring and that Contiki will be the top choice when they take their next adventure.

The Contiki brand is the first tour venture of Rajah Travel Corp. with LPU Manila.  While the brand Contiki really started as a tour brand in New Zealand where “Con” is the shortened term for a continent to express connecting travelers to all parts of the world and “Tiki” is a good luck charm, we would rather use it also to describe our experience the Filipino way.