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CIR Faculty Member performs Venetian Baroque Music for Christmas in Singapore
by Ron D. Pascubillo


Cappella Martialis (Latin for ‘The Tuesday Singing Group’) coalesced in 2011 as a collective of singers enthused about the lesser-known gems of the early choral tradition from the Baroque and earlier, particularly the Renaissance and Mediæval periods.  Although the group is not religiously affiliated, their aims are to sing sacred music liturgically and to perform secular music using historically informed performance practices (HIPP).  .  Instruments are added as appropriate for the repertoire.  They also have a small band for Mediæval, Renaissance, early Baroque, and Middle-Eastern instrumental dance music.

, 9 and 10 of December 2017 Entitled Nadal a Venesia (Christmas in Venice), the two-day concert (Dec. 9-10, 2017) was performed with liturgically appropriate chants in the context of a reconstructed Christmas eve Vespers as one might have heard at the church of San Giorgio Maggiore between 1600 and 1710 C.E.  The Group was accompanied by musicians playing on period instruments: original instruments in their non-modernized form or faithful reproductions from the period and played in HIPP.  The repertoire included Venetian sacred music for Christmas by composers associated with Venice such as Claudio Monteverdi, Andrea and Giovanni Gabrieli, et al. and, of course, the “Red Priest” Antonio Lucio Vivaldi.

The concert was a historic moment for Singapore and the Philippines, where two Filipino baroque violinists, Mr. Miguel Antonio S. Davao and Mr. Ron D. Pascubillo, flew in to play Vivaldi’s Magnificat RV610.  Mr. Pascubillo is a 2003 BSFS graduate of LPU and teaches French as a Foreign Language with CIR.  At present there are no baroque orchestras in the Philippines, and Mr. Pascubillo is the only one who plays on a baroque violin, employing the chin-off technique.  He has been playing HIPP since 2009.