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CIR’s Hanna Lee and the Road to International Success

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Reigning Miss Lyceum of the Philippines University (LPU) Manila Hanna Lee still cannot believe all the success she has had in the beauty and pageant scene. Considering that she has never competed in any pageant prior to joining Miss LPU, Hanna has displayed the Lycean trait of excellence, winning every beauty competition she has joined since. From being the first international student to win Miss LPU Manila in February, she went on to claim the first-ever Grand Miss LPU in March against representatives of LPU Batangas, Laguna, and Cavite.


From there, she went on to compete in (and eventually win) the first Miss Korea-Philippines for a chance to represent her country in international pageantry. But if you ask her, she never planned on joining any pageant or becoming a beauty queen.


Her whirlwind journey to international success actually began in grade school. When she was in the 6th grade, Hanna’s family moved to the Philippines after being convinced by her friend’s family of the educational opportunities in the country. Together with her parents and her brother, Hanna left Korea for Iloilo to continue her education. When her brother went to college a few years later, the whole family moved to Manila.