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Testimonials on the Internship Journey


I entered LPU back in 2015 and took up Bachelor of Science in International Travel and Tourism Management. Being a LPU student is a privilege because I know that LPU will help me hone my knowledge and skills to be a globally competitive student. As I entered LPU, I pushed myself to perform very well and give my best to be one of the top in my class. That's why my drive to becoming one of the top students led me to be a Dean's Lister for four consecutive semesters. Every semester, I received Silver and Bronze medals that motivated me to study harder and do the best I can do. Aside from being a Dean's Lister, I also had my extracurricular activities and joined a lot of beauty pageants while maintaining a high GPA. Even at the end of my college year, I am still determined to graduate with a Cum Laude.

I believe that my accomplishments and my drive to continue accomplishing will lead me to achieve my career aspirations. Five years from now, I see myself as a flight attendant of a big and well-known airline company. Ever since I was a kid, I always dreamt of becoming a flight attendant who interacts with diverse people and addresses their needs while travelling to different places.

In addition to that, a part of pursuing my dream is having the chance to be an intern of a well-known company in Japan, the Japan Inbound and Marketing Association. JIMA, along with Abest Corporation, gives the Lycean students a lot of opportunities. Working with JIMA and Abest is a perfect opportunity for me to be exposed to an environment with international experience. I think that I shall be well-rounded, and most importantly, independent. This internship will surely help me pursue my career aspirations in life.


                                                                                                --- Jean Nicole S. Calisura ---


Before I entered this University, I told  myself that I  just want to graduate on time just like the other Lyceans. They’re right, High School is totally different from college because you need to adjust to your environment, put extra effort, and make sacrifices.

As a regular student I had a daily routine of going from home to school to learn and returning home to study for three years. But one night in our senior year, I thought that I should push my limits, thinking that I’m not just like this and I’m not just like tha,t so why not… I should improve too, right? So I  engaged myself in different activities in school, like seminars that help to improve my skills. And this time, a big opportunity knocked and of course I grabbed it with no hesitation. It could help establish my career in International Tourism and Hospitality Industry by helping me harness the learning outcomes I have honed through my academic program at LPU, a program accredited by the International Centre of Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality Education. I am very grateful to JIMA (Japan Inbound Marketing Association) for this rare opportunity to help me achieve my dreams. All I can say is, I am ready to raise the LPU flag and make a name for myself. Always remember, do not wait for a perfect opportunity--instead, grab opportunity and make it perfect.


                                                                                                --- Rea Isabela Anne Reyes     ---

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