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Step-by-step Enrollment Procedures:

Step 1: Admission (Registrar’s Office - Room 104-A)

  • Submit complete Admission requirements.
  • Verify the online application information.
  • Enlistment of schedules.
  • Check the schedule before proceeding to the next step.

Step 2: Payment (Cashier’s Office)

  • Present the unofficial Enrollment Assessment Form (EAF) for payment. (Payment may be in full or installment)
  • Claim the Enrollment Assessment Form (EAF)

Step 3: School Uniform (Bookstore - Room 131)

  • Ordering of school and P.E. uniform.

Step 4: School ID (ICT - Room 218)

  • ID Picture Taking. (School ID will not be released without medical clearance from the clinic)

Step 5: Physical Examination (Health Services Department - Room 127)

  • Medical and dental check-up.

Step 6: Guidance Counseling (Guidance and Testing Center - Room 110)

  •  Interview.

Important Reminders:

  • A student will only be considered OFFICIALLY ENROLLED after payment. The Enrollment Assessment Form (EAF) serves as the students’ Registration Card.
  • Changing of subjects or schedules will not be allowed except for dissolved subjects.